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Whoop…AEB is 4 months online today! Thank You All

I’m so excited to announce that AEB is exactly four months online today. It’s been real fun posting for the world, and for you in particular.
As at noon today when I peeped into the statistics so far, AEB have recorded 1,135 posts under 26 categories and 558 tags, 11,029 visitors, 992 comments, 292 followers who receive posts by email immediately I publish them, 4,830 random clicks etc.
These stats speaks volume and very encouraging. And to know that this is not a ‘gossip’ blog nor a ‘blog-for-money’ site, I’m even more encouraged because of what it stands for……my passionate zeal to awaken all and sundry so that the much needed positive change in Nigeria (and by implication the larger world) is achieved. And so far, we are inching closer by the day. Continue reading

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Hello World!

Welcome to Dr Austin Ejaife inspirit. Thanks for visiting and keep coming back to read my blog posts.


11 April 2012 · 4:32 am