Spiritual Growth

“Souls grow on bones but die beneath bankers’ hours… ~ Gabriel Thy … 

The origins of this date back to the traditional opening hours of banks in the 1800s… 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Over the years, however, this has become synonymous with working short hours or the bare minimum necessary–perhaps even lacking in effort. What Gabriel is getting at is that spiritual growth requires effort on our part–and not just a passive effort, or the bare minimum amount of time, but a dedication similar to that of athletes and scientists in their trade.

We may like to imagine the soul in a similar way to the physical being. When we neglect the body, it becomes sickly and weak. In the same way, if we neglect our soul, it too can become spiritually ill. It is therefore important that we not set aside the shortest amount of time possible for spiritual growth, or look at it as an inconvenience. A bedridden soul is as dire a situation as a sickness or ailment that leaves one on the deathbed.

Do you allow your soul a healthy amount of spiritual growth? Do you take the time to pay attention to the life around you? Look around yourself. You are alive–life is here, at this very moment. We are all surrounded by the wondrous and the miraculous, and so much of growing our souls can be accomplished by working on our ability to listen. Our ability to not just hear, but to see and understand–to feel it in the very depths of our soul.

Set aside some time for spiritual growth–read a spiritual book or spend some time out in nature.

Questions to consider:

When was the last time you consciously tried to help your own soul to grow?

How can paying attention to all that is around you help your soul to grow?

Which is easier to do–learn about information, or learn about our spirits? In which area are there concrete answers, and in which are there none?

For further thought:

“We must work on our souls, enlarging and expanding them. We do so by experiencing all of life–the beauty and the joy as well as the grief and pain. Soul work requires paying attention to life, to the laughter and the sorrow, the enlightening and the frightening, the inspiring and the silly.” ~ Matthew Fox


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