Self Awareness

“We will never be spiritual until we give up trying, and become aware that we are already spiritual.” ~ Walter Starcke, Homesick For Heaven: You Don’t Have to Wait … 

Here we are confronted with another seeming paradox of life: the harder we search for spirituality outside of ourselves, the further we come to find ourselves from it. Yet this often times seems to be the way of growth in life–we feel we are missing or lacking something, and so we develop the desire to pursue it, find it, and gain it. But as with so many of the deeper lessons in life, that which we seek is already within us, and we are simply ignorant to notice it or too preoccupied with other things to even bother looking for it.

I always like to remind myself that I am a spiritual being trying to be human, not a human trying to be spiritual–the time I spend in this human body is but a short experience, an infinitesimal step in my progression through eternity. And it is because we are these eternal creatures that our desire to seek out our spirituality exists–it is natural and essential to our happiness and our sense of purpose in life. Many of us have already felt or sensed this connection within us–the feeling that there is much more to who we are and what our lives are about that simply existing. The source of such feelings comes from being aware of our own spirituality–of knowing that there is more to us than our physical bodies–the vanity and the ailments–and more to us than the emotional and intellectual aspects of ourselves–the responsibilities, the worries, the desires, the knowledge, the beliefs.

A more logical way for me to view this would be for me to look at my intrinsic characteristics. I have no need to search out my nationality or my gender, for I already know this information, it is a part of me, just as my spirituality is. Perhaps I can strengthen it and develop it, but there really is no need to “become” spiritual, only to become aware that I am a spirit, and a need to accept that part of who I am. At that point, I no longer need to discover how to become spiritual, but instead, can find new and powerful ways in which I can use my spirituality–fostering and developing it, sharing it with others, and allowing it to be at the core of my words, thoughts, and actions.

Our spirituality does not have to remain a mystery–we can seek to deepen our understanding of those spiritual connections every day of our lives. But it requires us to seek with an open heart and mind, seeing the eternal truths that are already a part of who we are, that have always been there with us even before we were born into this life.

Spend some time in solitude listening to your spiritual self.

Questions to consider:

Why do we often find it hard to acknowledge our spirituality?

How do you define “spiritual?”

What kinds of things might you do to try to develop the spiritual side of yourself?

For further thought:

“Spirituality is a flower with a thousand petals: every act, every thought, every talk, every movement of our heart is a part of it.” ~ Robert Muller


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