“Believe you can, and you can.” Belief is one of the most powerful of all problem dissolvers. When you believe that a difficulty can be overcome, you are more than halfway to victory over it already. ~ Norman Vincent Peale, The Amazing Results of Positive Thinking … 

I recall a certain period during my teenage years in which I was utterly heartbroken and consumed by a deep sadness. My first real girlfriend of almost a year had broken up with me and I was left feeling insecure and alone, feeling as if there was nothing I could do to overcome the new obstacles that had been placed before me and the difficulties I perceived in my life as a result. Unfortunately, it took me several years until I eventually realized just how wrong I was.

My beliefs helped to cause my feelings of loneliness, of being unwanted and alone, of being in this unlovable spiral. Because I believed that something negative would happen when I allowed myself to open up to others, when anything negative did, a simple cause-and-effect relationship was born that would simply reinforce my beliefs.

There have been numerous other times throughout my life in which I felt that “surely, I was right,” only to find out later that I was not; times in which I did not believe that something was possible or things could be changed, only to discover that the very thing that was preventing change was me. It was my misperception that things are the way they are because some problems are unavoidable, and my belief that the obstacles I faced in life were nothing more than things I had to deal with and overcome.

The trick is to believe in our possibilities and potential instead of our limitations and impossibilities. When we believe in the possibilities, we then approach them as if they can be accomplished, a technique that allows us to actually get them done. Many of the difficulties in our lives exist there–and remain there–because we believe in them and we believe in their power to harm us and to be problematic to us. But our belief in ourselves is an awesome power that can overcome our hesitancies, our deficiencies, our shortcomings, and change our lives to become so much more positive.

Believe in yourself and your awesome potential.

Questions to consider:

How have your beliefs in life originated, and how have they developed?

Why does no one teach us about the power of our beliefs?

What kinds of things might you accomplish if you truly believe that you can?

For further thought:

“As our beliefs actually change, so do our experiences.” ~ Carol Sheffield


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