Create Your List Of What You Want In Life

“Warm, eager, living life–to be rooted in life–to learn, to desire, to know, to feel, to think, to act. This is what I want. And nothing else. That is what I must try for.” ~ Katherine Mansfield, Stories … 

How many of us have actually sat down and came up with a list of what we want in life? Such a thing would really make things simple. If we know that “this is what we want… and nothing more,” we could make all our decisions based off of what we have already considered and decided–no more indecisions, no more second guesses, no more regrets. And the ways in which we live our lives could be more aligned with helping to bring our desires to fruition here during our lifetimes.

And most likely your list would not be the same as mine or anybody else’s, and that is ok. For it is personal and unique–authentic to who we are at our very core and therefore should consist of those things that define us and our happiness; it is not the words that are important, but the fact that we take the time to form a basis in which to live our lives. If this list were mine, the first thing I would do is add “to love” in it somewhere, and then perhaps “to grow, to inspire, to give, and to add and produce things of great beauty for this world.” Of course, Katherine might have had this in mind when she used words such as “to act, to feel, and to learn.”

It is also safe to say, that we change, so will our lists. If my list included “to help my children through school,” then once they have completed school, I would need to make some revisions. Or if my list included “to save up $1,000 in an emergency fund,” once I had the necessary money I would need to revise it to something else, perhaps to keep the fund above a certain level throughout the year.

One key thing to note here is that Katherine chose to say, “That is what I must try for.” We should not expect that we will accomplish everything we want or desire to in life, nor should we base our happiness or worth upon our ability to do so… we should simply seek to try–to give it our best shot. After all, it is in the trying that we become the person we are meant to be–succeed or fail–and it is important that we never lose those opportunities.

Create your list of what you want in life.

Questions to consider:

What are the things that you most want? Have you ever written them down?

What would such a list look like for you?

Why do we not tend to look at life from the bigger picture perspective, instead focusing on the minute details of our day-to-day goals?

For further thought:

“The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don’t define them, or ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable.” ~ Denis Waitley, The Winner’s Edge: The Critical Attitude of Success


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