Appreciate The Gift Of Life

“I would like to thank… the birds outside my window who constantly reassured me that nothing is desperately important and the joy of life is just looking at it.” ~ Alec Guinness … 

I love how Alec is able to let something as simple as the birds outside his window remind him of how incredibly important our perspective is in life. We all seem to think a lot. And no matter how big things tend to get in our minds, it is healthy for us to recall that life is much larger than we are–and much bigger than our simple bubble of existence is–and many of the things we think are pressing and crucial are things that are minimal and will work themselves out in time. Birds understand this. They go about their lives without stressing out on the little things, taking things in stride and keep on keeping on. Yet we humans often fill our minds with unnecessary worries, insignificant things, inconsequential deadlines, and unfortunate situations, causing us to lose sight of what is truly worthwhile in life–the joy in it.

Still, it is quite easy for us to lose our focus–to become stressed out with how our lives are going or to feel that what we are experiencing is the most important thing in the world. I have had many such times in my life, moments when I felt that the things that were happening to me were “desperately important.” Yet it always turned out that after several days, weeks, or months had passed, I ended up looking back at those periods in my life and realizing that they were not that big of a deal after all.

If we always wish to be cognizant of the beauty and joy of life–and there are infinite amounts of both–we need to discover ways to remind ourselves, and remain aware, that everything we experience in life is relative. And although something terrible or awful may occur, life in all its glory and splendor is still happening around us, and our perception of that will either find us filled with love, joy, and appreciation, or leave us miserable and unhappy. Listening to the reassurance of the birds is a great start. Then there are sunrises and sunsets, and the sound of the thunder crashing and the rain splashing down upon the Earth. There is the pleasure of the sun and the cool breezes to upon our skin, and the smiles and laughter of children at play. There are things that lift our hearts and spirits such as music and song, and acts of kindness and compassion. There simply are so many things that can remind us that looking at the life all around can be one of the greatest joys of all, and it is effortless and free.

Allow yourself the gift of experiencing the abundant life that surrounds you. See. Feel. Hear. Taste. Laugh. Love. Sigh. Cry. Appreciate. Say thank you. Focus on those things that we often miss when our thoughts only revolve around us or on our own little worlds.

Take some time today to appreciate all the world has to offer you.

Questions to consider:

Why do we tend to think that so many things are desperately important?

How can we teach ourselves to be more aware of the many things that are around us all the time that we could and should appreciate?

When was the last time that you noticed and appreciated the birds who have songs for us all the time?

For further thought:

“A heightened state of awareness comes when we look, and then look again, and then relax into whatever situation we are in. When we have a capacity for fascination with simple things, we are able to sit peacefully for hours on a park bench, or in an airport, engrossed by the different gaits and gestures of people as they walk, talk, and stand. We develop the ability to be patient as we stand in line at the grocery store because we have the ability to look with fascination and wonder at all that surrounds us.” ~ Charlotte Sophia Kasl, Finding Joy: 101 Ways to Free Your Spirit and Dance with Life

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