Tune Into God

“Prayer is believing in something bigger than yourself, or anything you’ve ever touched or known. It’s telling a river or an open field that you need a little help.” ~ Ashley Rice … 

Wow! Such beautiful words describing the endless power of prayer to reach, touch, and affect things that are beyond our comprehension and understanding. Prayer unites us in oneness with all of creation–the spiritual and eternal beings, all living creatures of this Earth, and things that have been, are, and will be. Of course, this is something most of us do not associate with prayer, for we are too caught up in the basics–how we pray, where we pray, when we pray, what we pray. But when we look at prayer in such a way, what purpose is there to telling a river or an open field that we need a little help?

Prayer does not have to be complicated. It is a simple, personal experience, in which our soul connects with all of life on a much deeper level. Perhaps this is why it is best experienced in the solitude of mind, body, and heart, for at such times, we have far fewer distractions and voices in our heads, and we can be fully in the presence of creation. When we escape to nature and serenity, we have the opportunity to feel the immensity and grandiosity of our world, and to sense our smallness, and yet importance and belonging, within it. And it is here, that we feel a closeness to the divinity within us; where our doubts and questions about our Father are answered, and our understanding of our purpose and meaning in life is reinforced.

And for those who might hold reservations about seeking through prayer, or asking God for help, realize that no force exists that has more concern for our well-being than our Creator, and no time is better to ask than when we are closest to Him, for we hear and sense His voice answering. After all, to whom do we ask for help more often in our daily lives… those who are close to us, or those who are further away? It goes to follow that the closer we feel to God, the more positive the effects of our prayers feel to us; and since prayer is as much about ourselves as it is about God, how we enter prayer, and how we feel about our prayer, goes a long way towards determining the effectiveness of our prayers.

Prayer is how our inner souls speak; the communication we share with all of creation. And since God is omnipresent–with everything and in everything, it makes perfect sense to speak to a lake when our intention is to speak to God, for the lake is just as much a part of creation as anything else, and its beauty and peacefulness provide a very appropriate backdrop for the prayers we send forth. All that is necessary for effective communication is a sender, a receiver, and a medium–and nature is perhaps one of the most majestic and beautiful mediums in which to contact our Creator.

Take some peaceful time in prayer outdoors.

Questions to consider:

Why do we get locked into certain prayer rituals or methods?

Where do you pray the best? Where do you feel that your prayers are most effective?

How can we teach ourselves to look for new ways to pray?

For further thought:

“I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in.” ~ George Washington Carver, In His Own Words


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