Your Spiritual Self

“My whole attitude to life is spiritual–a feeling of identification with all nature, all mankind, all life, the whole of the past, the whole of the future.” ~ Fenner Brockway, interview in New York Times, 1979 … 

We are not independent, alone, or isolated from others in this world; we are all part of the whole of existence–humanity, life, nature, and things both temporal and spiritual. And our spiritual connection with the world and everything in it can be a very powerful force if we let it be. Yet for some of us, it can be a scary thing, for it requires us to admit that our lives are part of the lives of others, and theirs ours. And it means that a certain level of intimacy is inherent in our existence–one that bestows upon us certain responsibilities towards others in this world.

Our connections with one another add depth, meaning, and purpose to our lives and make them a much richer experience. Isolated, we are beholden to no one and obligated to serve no one. Yet when we allow ourselves to identify with all of life, we bind ourselves to others–in service and obligation, in giving and receiving, in sharing of our gifts and talents, in offering compassion, love, help, kindness, forgiveness, and mercy to our fellow man. Most important is the fact that we are not of this world–we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and this life is but a single day of our endless journey towards eternity.

We are all part of the beautiful tapestry of life–you, me, the next person we see, the last person we spoke with, the neighbor across the street, the animals at the pet store, the vegetables in our gardens, the trees growing out in the countryside. All things depend on each other, and it is only through one another, that we can become fulfilled–for such fulfillment comes to us in the same measure in which we help others reach their purpose and potential. So set aside some time of solitude each day to visit with your spiritual self; for therein lies the key to experiencing the common spiritual bonds that we all share and preventing ourselves from feeling the artificial separateness that comes from focusing on independence rather than interdependence.

Spend some time with your spiritual self today.

Questions to consider:

Why do so many of our cultures value independence so highly?

When was the last time that you thought of yourself as a spiritual being here on a planet filled with other spiritual beings?

What does it mean to be connected to other people and things, and the past and the future?

For further thought:

“When we think we’re separate, we lose power. Whenever I say “my,” I have lost my power. Power is not my power; it is not enlarging oneself as a separate individual. It is only gainable as part of a larger whole. Then you communicate with the rest of yourself–which may be a tree. You, reciprocally, are moved by the universe. Whenever you shut down connectedness, you get depressed. Psychic awareness breaks in as a gift. It’s fearful to know we’re connected to everything in the universe, because then we’re responsible.” ~ Glenda Taylor, We Are The Web


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