Behold Spirituality

“Spirituality is a flower with a thousand petals: every act, every thought, every talk, every movement of our heart is a part of it.” ~ Robert Muller … 

It is actually quite confusing why many individuals work so hard at separating their spiritual lives from the rest of their lives. For many, spirituality is acceptable in church or worship, but during the course of their daily lives, or at work, it becomes abnormal or awkward. Even though we are spiritual beings at our core, it seems that we condition ourselves to turn off our spirituality whenever we feel it is not needed. This causes us to have to turn on our spiritual relationships in some situations–or under certain conditions–and then turn them back off again in others.

Yet our lives are part of the whole of who we are–body, mind, heart, and soul–and it is essential for us to recognize that every aspect of our lives is, therefore, a reflection of our spiritual selves. Unfortunately for many of us, most parts of our lives more accurately reflect our spiritual neglect better than they do our spiritual awareness, and such disconnect from our core is unhealthy. We all could use a frequent reminder from time to time of our spirituality so that we might see things in a more balanced perspective and with better clarity. Perhaps we might ask ourselves, “How would my spirit respond in this situation?”

If we let our spirits be our guide, maybe we would not have such harsh words for that person who cut us off in traffic. Instead, of thinking, “What a jerk!,” we might think, “I hope that person’s life improves.” Instead of avoiding our spouses, siblings, and friends, or arguing with them, perhaps we would show compassion to them. And maybe we would even be kind to ourselves when we made a mistake, realizing that we are still spiritual beings doing our best to be and act as spiritual beings.

Everything we do is a spiritual act. Once we realize this truth, we can begin to accept responsibility for our actions and how they affect the lives of those we touch. This allows us to unearth with parts of our beings are keeping those acts from reflecting our true spiritual selves, so that we might work to better expose our inner selves to the world around us.

Let your spirit be your guide today.

Questions to consider:

Which was your last act that you would call truly spiritually inspired? About what percentage of your acts are so?

How would you define your own spirituality? Do you maintain it well?

In what ways might you allow your spiritual side to shine through more strongly?

For further thought:

“The spiritual life is, at root, a matter of seeing. . . . It is all of life seen from a certain perspective. It is waking, sleeping, dreaming, eating, drinking, working, loving, relaxing, recreating, walking, sitting, standing, and breathing… spirit suffuses everything; and so the spiritual life is simply life, wherever and whatever, seen from the vantage point of spirit.” ~ John Shea, Starlight: Beholding the Christmas Miracle All Year Long

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