Positive Attitude Daily

“We know nothing about tomorrow; our business is to be good and happy today.” ~ Sydney Smith, A Memoir of the Reverend Sydney Smith … 

Tomorrow is not yet today. I may have plans for it, and even an idea of what I may expect, but those plans can change. All too often in life, things happen that are outside of our control–things that completely alter our plans. And if we allow it, this can bring unnecessary stress into our lives and spoil our mood for the day. Of course, we do not have to let it be so.

When I experience things that change my future plans, I try to remind myself that, at this moment, I do not need to worry so much about tomorrow–it is not here yet and has still to be determined by what I do today. There is so much that today is asking of me–work to be done, people who need advice and someone to talk to, care for the family, friends who need my companionship, health and exercise that needs my attention, home maintenance and chores to be completed, and so much more.

If I can just focus on accomplishing my tasks for today I will ensure that I am both “good and happy” as Sydney puts it. And instead of concentrating on the future, I can enjoy each wonderful today with those I love. Tomorrow will hold its own plans for us… but for this day, let us not lose sight of the miracle that it is–it is the only day in the history and future of time–in which we can act. Do so now, with purpose.

Take time today to create a positive attitude by truly living in the moment.

Questions to consider:

Why is it so tempting to spend much of our time thinking about what is going to be happening in the future?

How can we keep our focus on today and on our actions on this day?

What does it mean to you to “be good and happy today?”

For further thought:

“Each morning is a fresh beginning. We are, as it were, just beginning life. We have it entirely in our own hands. And when the morning with its fresh beginning comes, all yesterdays should be yesterdays, with which we have nothing to do. Sufficient it is to know that the way we lived our yesterday has determined for us our today. And, again, when the morning with its fresh beginning comes, all tomorrows should be tomorrows, with which we have nothing to do. Sufficient to know that the way we live our today determines our tomorrow.” ~ Ralph Waldo Trine, Thoughts From My Heart


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