Sacrifice…For What We Could Become

“The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.” ~ Charles Du Bos, Approximations … 

In thinking back over some of the younger years of my life, I came to realize that I had often missed out on opportunities because I believed that they really did not fit my definition of who I was. But life is moving, transitioning, and transforming… and so are we. Therefore, it is rather odd if we do not allow the definitions we hold of ourselves to change as well, for the ways in which we look at the world today–or even at this very moment–may not be the same tomorrow.

Essentially, we are the product of our experiences in life; we are the result of how we react to everything we have ever been through. When something happens to us, we can choose if and what we learn from it. Thus, by the teachings of experience, we can come to find out exactly who we are. This dynamic allows us to change and to grow… to rise up and overcome… to persevere and succeed.

We all make sacrifices in life. To raise us children, my mother sacrificed and set aside her own dream. To become a priest, a friend of mine left his good paying career and gave away all that he did not need. There are things we each could realize as a potential sacrifice that can get us closer to that which we could become. Maybe it is giving up a dependency on alcohol or drugs. Maybe it is helping others in need by sacrificing of our time and money. Or perhaps our potential is something even far greater.

If we wish to grow, then we must be open to change. And when the time comes in which we do want to become something else–something better–we will have to sacrifice who we are. I can become an even better husband and father at this very moment if I choose to. There are precious few limits to what we could become, other than our own limiting beliefs.

Take a moment to really think about who you are and who you are becoming.

Questions to consider:

What kinds of change might be in line for you in your life if you want to get (or continue to get) the most out of life?

How might you go about deciding what kinds of changes might be helpful or appropriate for you?

Why do so many of us find it so hard to let go of current paradigms?

For further thought:

“It seems necessary to completely shed the old skin before the new, brighter, stronger, more beautiful one can emerge . . . . I never thought I’d be getting a life lesson from a snake.” ~ Julie Ridge


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