Marvelous Adventures

“All the wonders you seek are within yourself.” ~ Sir Thomas Browne, The Works of Sir Thomas Browne … 

We all have a tendency to seek out wonders and wondrous things in life. And although the wonders of life are limitless, our humanity often urges us to search everywhere outside ourselves, and we often never realize that that which we search for, already lies within. The truth is that if we want to be rich, then we simply need to realize the riches that are inside of us and then celebrate and appreciate them; and if we wish to be wise, then we should simply look inside for the answers we seek and then heed them.

The world is filled with many wonders many wondrous things, but the ability to appreciate those wonders comes from within us. I can take a moment to watch in wonder at the mother duck walking her baby ducklings across the road to the pond, or I can continue on walking without taking notice. Either I am in touch with that part of me that can see the wonder, and experience it, or I am not willing to recognize the amazing qualities there to see.

I feel that Thomas is challenging us here to get in touch with ourselves and find out who and what we are. Doing so, he says, will allow us the ability to be in touch with the marvelous nature of life and the wonders of living.

Our lives are marvelous adventures–we can see, we can feel, we can love, we can laugh, we can interpret, we can appreciate, we can hope, we can anticipate, we can cry. And when we look careful enough at our lives, we can begin to see that we, as individuals, are filled with boundless potential and limitless wonder.

Take a moment to look at the all the wonders inside yourself.

Questions to consider:

What are some of the wonderful things about yourself?

Why do so many people look outside of themselves for things like answers and wonder and inspiration?

How might you get in touch more strongly with the wonderful aspects of who you are?

For further thought:

“I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. It is there all the time.” ~ Anna Freud

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