Why Knock Yourself

“Some people like me. Some people don’t. You can never get everyone to like you, so why knock yourself out trying?” ~ Claudette Colbert … 

Not everyone likes me. Not everyone is going to like me. There are personality conflicts, differing opinions, and even the inability to simply work well together and get along. Nevertheless, it is quite easy for me to desire to have everyone like me–even though this is obviously not going to happen–and it is important that I recognize, acknowledge, and remember this so that I do not have to face unnecessary disappointment, dejection, or depression as a result.

I have my close friends and family, and I have casual friends and professional colleagues; I then have those who chose not to talk to me or associate with me, and those who tend to dislike my company and attempt to avoid most interactions with me. This is the reality of my human interactions in life, and as long as I respect them and recognize the fact that they do not have to like me, then things are fine for me I am okay with it. And this to me is the most important–and powerful–thing Claudette is saying here: why knock ourselves out trying? It is much easier for me simply to be myself than to try to be someone others will like. Trying to prove something to others or to impress others really serves no purpose while we are here on this planet and will ultimately lead to us hiding away our true and authentic selves.

I have come to realize that I should not take other’s dislike of me too personally either. It is often times a result of their previous experiences in life with people whom they associate with me, and not necessarily something that has to do with me specifically. In addition, I want to always be my authentic self–I hope to be kind, compassionate, and loving, but only because those are the qualities I want to show, not because I want others to see those qualities and like me because of them.

Someone will most assuredly dislike us at some point in our lives. And instead of worrying about it, and trying to make them like us, we can work on becoming the person we truly desire to be. It is nice to be liked; however, not being liked does not have to affect us either. And if others choose not to like us, let it be at their loss and not ours.

Try to be your authentic self in your social interactions today and always.

Questions to consider:

Why do many of us get so focused on getting others to like us?

How much conscious effort do you give to becoming the person you wish to be?

What are some reasons that others may not like us that have nothing to do with us personally?

For further thought:

“I’m not concerned with your liking or disliking me. All I ask is that you respect me as a human being.” ~ Jackie Robinson


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