Nature Speaks

“Rivers and rocks and trees have always been talking to us, but we’ve forgotten how to listen.” ~ Michael Roads, Talking With Nature … 

It is true that nature speaks to us if we choose to listen to it. I can often feel and smell the thunderstorm gathering in the distance, and I can hear the rustling of the trees from the wind as the storm front moves in. Rivers can tell us years of history, of cutting courses through the terrain and the slow and constant wearing of rocks. Still, I often forget how true Michael’s message is in my life, and when I forget, I am not nearly as aware of the beauty surrounding me, or of the calming properties of the things nature has given to me. Therefore, it is at these periods in my life, more than ever, that I need to allow myself some time for clarity.

One thing I have always loved to do since my childhood is to stand outside in the rain–to allow the cool water to soak my clothes and wash over me. When I allow myself this experience, I feel alive–as if I have come much closer to eternity–which leaves me with a deeper sense of peace and acceptance in life. And we can all experience this… and it does not have to be a thunderstorm–perhaps a simple walk out in nature will suffice. Just taking some time alone allows us the opportunity to increase our awareness of the messages that nature is speaking to us–to develop and strengthen our connection with nature and be receptive to our surroundings and their messages.

It seems that the further humanity travels onward down its path, the more we find ourselves becoming distanced from nature. Cities grow larger, people become busier, and the communication gets lost. The messages are still there–rocks, trees, and rivers still speak to us–but how well do we listen? Are we receptive to the messages nature speaks to us or are we preoccupied with things, activities, and places that break our connection with nature? For many of us in our busy lives, time with nature tends to become more of a luxury than a necessity.

Do you hear the birds when you are outside? Do you feel and smell the rain during thunderstorms? Do you see the beautiful colors present outside on a nice summer walk through nature? I believe our connection with this earth is important, and we should attempt to keep it just as much a part of our lives as we are of its life.

Spend 30 minutes outside listening to nature speak.

Questions to consider:

Why do most people lose their contact with the elements of nature? What effects can this loss have?

How might we re-establish our contact? What kinds of benefits would this effort bestow upon us?

What possible messages could rocks, trees, and rivers have for us?

For further thought:

“If only we knew, boss, what the stones and rain and flowers say. Maybe they call–call us–and we don’t hear them. When will people’s ears open, boss? When shall we have our eyes open to see? When shall we open our arms to embrace everything–stones, rain, flowers, and people? What do you think about that, boss? And what do your books have to say about that?” ~ Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba the Greek


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