You Are What You Give

“Lead the life that will make you kindly and friendly to everyone about you, and you will be surprised what a happy life you will lead.” ~ Charles M. Schwab … 

“You get what you give.” “What goes around comes around.” “Do unto others, as you would have them do to you.” It is a well-documented fact much of what we give out in life, comes right back to us. Some call it karma; others call it the Law of Attraction, fate, or destiny. The truth is that it is one of the fundamental laws of cause and effect: when we hurt others, we hurt ourselves; and when we add positively to the lives of others, we add positively to our own. And in addition to good coming back to us, having a positive effect on the life of others provides for us a greater sense of purpose, gratitude, and fulfillment in our own lives, the result of which is double bonus–our kindness can bring others happiness, as well as ourselves. Why then would we not desire to bring good upon others, in effect bringing positive karma back to ourselves? It is definitely in our power to do so, thus, it is simply a choice.

Regardless of what Charles is saying here, we must remember that leading a life that will make us kindly and friendly to those around us will not guarantee a life without adversity and obstacles. There will be days when we are down and feel happiness is far away. However, those days do pass, and when they do visit our lives, we can make our way through them knowing full well that there is happiness on the other side.

Let your kindness and friendliness create a beautiful world full of happiness around you. Build quality friendships with those around you and everyone involved in your life. In this way, you will always have others there for you whenever you should need them, and vice versa. With very little time and effort, you can completely make another’s day, and in return, they may just pass on the favor.

Take a moment today to bestow a simple kindness upon another with no expectations of anything in return.

Questions to consider:

What kinds of kind things might you do for others on this day?

Think of the truly happy people you know in life, and ask yourself what brings them their happiness.

Why do we so often fall into the trap of trying to make ourselves happy before helping to make others happy?

For further thought:

“Fill the cup of happiness for others, and there will be enough overflowing to fill yours to the brim.” ~ Rose Pastor Stokes


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