The Highest Expression Of Power

“Giving is the highest expression of power.” ~ Vivian Green, Good Mourning … 

When most of us imagine power, we think of physical strength and prowess. But is that truly it? I am willing to bet that if we took a moment to genuinely reach down within our souls, and ignore what the world says about power and instead focus on life and living, we would come up with a different answer. It took me many years until I finally took the time to reflect upon this myself, and once I did, it became apparent to me that the only true power is the ability to influence things and people for the greater good–the only real power I show is when I focus on improving things and situations through my own unique contribution to them.

I can give of my abilities, my talents, or my material possessions–it does not matter–and I can influence someone or something for the better. And when I do so, I am improving something, either by fulfilling a need or a dream, or by instilling hope–and that is what power is all about. It is not about “controlling” others or being able to hire or fire people or being physically stronger than someone else is, it is about making the world a better place, on no matter how small a scale, and giving is truly the only way that we can make the world better.

People are misguided if they see power in destruction or manipulation–for true power is neither. True power is both productive and constructive, and when we practice it in our lives, we are contributing to the healing of this world, and it is a beautiful contribution to make. When we are willing and able to give of ourselves with hardly a thought of recompense… this is when we are at our most powerful.

Although power comes in many styles and shapes, it can only be expressed in two forms: lower and the higher. And only the higher forms of power have the ability to lead us to fulfillment, humility, satisfaction, awareness, contentment, and purpose in life. Thus, if our goal is to attain such attributes during our time on this Earth, then we must practice the higher forms of everything. And as Vivian reminds us, when expressing power… giving is the highest expression of all.

Give something to another individual today–it can be of your abilities, talents, or material possessions.

Questions to consider:

How do you define power? How does the concept of giving fit into your definition?

Why do we so often see things like influence and destruction as power?

What are some other very high expressions of power?

For further thought:

“True religion is not a mere doctrine, something that can be taught, but is a way of life. A life in community with God. It must be experienced to be appreciated. A life of service. A living by giving and finding one’s own happiness by bringing happiness into the lives of others.” ~ William J.H. Boetcker


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