Schedule Regular Maintenance

“A person too busy to take care of his or her health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his or her tools.” ~ Spanish saying … 

Shortly after our fourth child was born, I remember thinking to myself, “Boy, I sure am busy these days!” Finally being outnumbered by children, and trying to catch-up on work and sleep, added a new level of uncertainty to my life–one in which I found myself wondering at times if I would be able to manage. I did manage, however, and I found ways to cope with and meet the new requirements in my life. Sometimes in our lives, the demands of the world just seem to crowd in on us, forcing us into situations that we really do not want to be in, forcing us to have to spend excess amounts of time doing more work than we had planned on doing. And if the people who are depending upon us are people who really need our help, then what option do we necessarily have other than to be super busy for a while?

Still, regardless of how busy we find ourselves, it is vital that we keep attentive to our health and well-being. After all, once we lose this, our quality of life diminishes, and our ability to keep up with the demands of life suffers. Not to mention that we really cannot help others very effectively if our health is compromised. That is why even when we become extremely busy, we still have to find time for exercise, sleep, and healthy eating, and always strive to make decisions that will assist us to maintain a decent level of help and support.

The truth is that we will be in a bad place if we neglect our health. I know plenty of unhealthy individuals–people who have made decision after decision regardless of the negative effects it has had on their health–and I do not want to be in their shoes, dealing with the issues they are currently facing. And if we can focus on this idea of where we might end up if we neglect our health, we can avoid damaging our health and allowing our bodies to fall into a state of disrepair, of rust, decay, and possibly even uselessness.

Respect and appreciate both your body and soul–for these are the vessels upon which you shall journey through this life and the next. Put forth the time and effort to take care of your needs, even when you are busy and time is short–or especially during such times. Our body is such an amazing gift that we have been given, and it will do wonderful things for us if we keep it in good working condition. If we eat well, get the proper amount of sleep at night, and exercise our mind, body, and spirit, we will achieve our best chances of enjoying a healthy body that will accomplish all that we need it to.

Schedule regular maintenance and tune-ups for your body, mind, and soul.

Questions to consider:

What happens to tools when we neglect them? How is our body similar to those tools if we neglect it?

What decisions can you make today that will help you to maintain your body in good shape?

How can we take care of our bodies even when we are busy? Where can we find the time, and how can we make the decisions?

For further thought:

“The body is the soul’s house. Shouldn’t we therefore take care of our house so that it doesn’t fall into ruin?” ~ Philo


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