Ideal Humankind

“The ideal man has the strength of a male and the compassion of a female.” ~ Zohar … 

When we are speaking about “man” here, we are referring to humankind. And of course, since men and women each possess their own unique abilities and strengths, an ideal person would be well versed in both the masculinity of the male, and the femininity of the female. Unfortunately, our societies and cultures often tend to tell us that it is bad for us to show any of the qualities of the opposite gender. But the truth is, that we all possess such qualities about us, and the strongest individuals among us are those who are not only aware of those qualities, but are also willing to accept them and employ them in their lives.

A man that is compassionate is not any less of a man. On the contrary, he actually is much more of a man than those who are lacking compassion, for he understands the importance of being strong and courageous, yet also understands the importance of showing compassion, mercy, forgiveness, and understanding. And a woman who is strong is not any less of a woman. Instead, she knows how to show empathy, grace, compassion, and kindness, yet understands what is necessary to be a person of character and integrity, standing up to the storms of life with determination and spirit.

And for those of us who are embarrassed or upset by such qualities of the opposite gender, are making a strong judgment about the inferiority of such qualities, an idea that is entirely wrong and stands in the way of our becoming. In truth, many of the qualities we categorize as gender specific are actually human qualities that have been categorized by our individual perspectives.

As a man, I encourage other men to allow their compassion, intuition, and love to show. This world could be a much more pleasant and peaceful place to live in if we were to do so; and so much of the violence and anger that we display could be expressed more gently, clearly, and effectively, if we were not so afraid of the negative reactions of other men who are heartless and insensitive. And women, allow yourselves to show your strength and use your logic well, and you will be developing a side of yourself that often tends to get overlooked. Gifts are gifts, no matter what gender we associate them with; what matters is that they are used and shared with others.

Be a more compassionate man; or if you are a woman, allow yourself to be stronger.

Questions to consider:

Why do some people consider it to be “weak” to show compassion?

What are your strongest traits that are associated with the other gender? Do you avoid developing them, or do you celebrate them and let them shine?

What would the world be like if more men were to show much more compassion?

For further thought:

“Men of sensitivity are like good, much-played violins which vibrate at each touch of the bow.” ~ Wassily Kandinsky


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