Challenges Offer Opportunities For Growth

“Should you shield the canyons from the windstorms, you would never see the beauty of their carvings.” ~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross … 

The sandstone canyons of the southwest United States are some of the beautiful results of the carvings of the wind. Standing before them, and peering out into the horizon, we see the majestic cliffs and columns rise gracefully into the sky, mute reminders of the power nature possesses of change over time. Through them, we are witness to the results of the wind beating down upon these rocks for years, weathering them, carving them, and shaping them into the magnificent spires that they are today. Of course, the wind is not solely responsible for the beauty of these canyons, but it is a huge contributor. <!–more–> 

Elisabeth is reminding us, in such a beautiful way, that just like these canyons, we are marvelous creations–miraculous and unique individuals who exhibit wonderful qualities for the entire world to see. And in much the same way as the windstorms have carved these canyons, the storms in our lives have helped to bring us to the point we are now. All the obstacles along our journey, all the tempests that threatened us and tossed us through the oceans of life, also helped to shape us, and to wear away some of the inessential parts of our becoming.

Of course, the storms are not always easy to face or to weather; sometimes we will be afraid and wish that we were completely protected from them. Yet this will never be the reality–we can never fully control the outcomes of any storms. We can, however, work our ways through them as best we know how, as the ways in which we face the adversity of life’s storms will have a lot to do with the beauty of the carvings that emerge in us. And as we face them, and deal with them on their terms as well as our own, we will change, grow, and continue to uncover and expose the higher parts of ourselves for all to see–the amazing beauty of the character and integrity that is so strong within.

Discover new ways in which the adversity and difficutly you face help you to grow.

Questions to consider:

Why are storms so frightening? If we knew that we would come through them unscathed, would they be so frightening?

What kinds of beauty have been exposed in you over the years? Patience, simplicity, strength, willingness to bend and compromise?

How can we help other people to work their way through the storms of life without trying to shield them completely from the winds that are so important?

For further thought:

“Even if I may be going through a challenging experience, I am grateful, for I know that good will come from it. Will I learn of inner strength that I didn’t know I had? Will I gain a renewed appreciation for my life and the people in it? I am grateful for my present circumstances, for I know they offer opportunities for growth.” ~ unattributed, The Daily Word


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