Age Gracefully!

“You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.” ~ George Burns …

Many of us are sensitive towards aging, especially those of us who have done so more than others. Often times we deny the facts of getting older–trying desperately to hold onto our youthful lifestyles. But life is going to happen no matter what we tell ourselves. And the choice of aging gracefully and having fun while we do, or trying to age without grace–with a perspective on life and living that is more destructive than constructive and seeks avoidance instead of acceptance and growth–is one that we each have the opportunity to make in our lives. <!–more–>

Perhaps you know some individuals who are older than you and still enjoying their lives in the fullest possible way. What are some of the things you notice about them? Personally, I have found them to be much happier in life, with a definite quality of assuredness and confidence. Often times, they have the ability to do as they please, and as a result, are much more present in the moment–living their lives to the fullest each day. They are the ones who make time to travel–to visit family and friends and spend time with their grandchildren. They are the ones who find time to help others in need. They are the ones who get involved in the community and find hobbies that keep them advancing, growing, and developing into something greater. On the other hand, maybe you know some individuals who spend their time being grumpy and annoyed with the world, who constantly complain about their health and the ways that other people treat them. They are the ones who feel sorry for themselves, or who spend their time being angry and having regrets about the things they did or did not do. Which kind of person do you want to be?

Growing old is not necessarily the end of anything; each journey in life leads to another. And just because we are getting older does not mean that we have to let go of anything–we can enjoy them now as older individuals with a more seasoned understanding of our lives and purpose. Acceptance is key. When we are fully aware that we are aging, we can keep our attitudes healthy and our enthusiasm and joy for life alive and well. Acceptance is the necessary element for allowing ourselves to grow older gracefully and have fun while we do.

Live life with a young heart and a soul afire.

Questions to consider:

To you, what is the difference between growing older and growing old?

Why do some people age gracefully without seeming to get old, while others grow old before their time?

What kinds of things can you do to help yourself grow older without growing old?

For further thought:

“Age does not depend upon years, but upon temperament and health. Some people are born old, and some never grow so.” ~ Tryon Edwards


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