See Opportunities In Difficulties

“Nothing in life is so hard that you can’t make it easier by the way you take it.” ~ Ellen Glasgow

Most of us have experienced someone who, when we explained the difficulties we are currently facing in our lives to, said something similar to, “Oh, it is not that bad.” Words such as these tend to leave us frustrated and upset, for they invalidate our feelings and simplify something that seems incredibly complicated and important to us. Yet in actuality, nearly every time that we feel that the world is crashing down upon us and someone says something like this to us, they are right–things are not nearly as bad as they seem. <!–more–> 

Our own perspectives often tend to be the most significant aspect of the things that happen in our lives. They influence not only the intensity of the positive and negative feelings we experience, but often times the duration as well, for our attitudes go on to perpetuate more similar feelings and emotions. In addition, they also play a part in the lives of those around us.

Some of the most balanced individuals I know are the ones who, in spite of the difficulty or seriousness of the situation, are able to deal with it in a calm, composed, and levelheaded sort of way. It is not that they try to fool themselves by undermining the importance of what is going on, but rather that they handle things in as positive a way as is possible, saying to themselves, “This, too, shall pass… and while it is here, it is not going to ruin my life or my peace of mind.”

We are going to be faced with difficulties, challenges, and obstacles in our lives that will leave us feeling hopeless and helpless. But we have it within us to rise above these problems–to put them in their rightful place and deal with them from a more objective viewpoint so that we can remain aware of the blue sky and sunshine that is just beyond the storm clouds. For out of the difficulties of our lives… we have great opportunity to learn, grow, and bloom as humans and as spiritual beings.

If you find yourself faced with overwhelming difficulties… keep your head up and “roll with the punches.”

Questions to consider:

How do we learn that difficulties are things that can overwhelm us, as opposed to things that can help us to grow?

Think of someone who always sees the worst in everything. Is that person happy? What makes that person see things the way that he or she does?

How might you remind yourself the next time that you undergo difficulties that there is something positive in them?

For further thought:

“It’s not what they do to you, it’s what you do with what they do to you, that counts.” ~ Jean-Paul Sartre


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