Endlessly Creative Experience

“Life is an endlessly creative experience, and we are making ourselves every moment by every decision we make.” ~ Kent Nerburn … 

When I think of my life as a series of moments that I have created I feel empowered. After all, my experiences in life then become simply a matter of making a decision–or better decisions to be more precise. Sometimes these decisions are difficult. <!–more–> 

How we answer the questions in our lives helps to determine how we are “making ourselves.” If we decide to take a risk and talk to someone we have been wanting to talk to, but were too intimidated or too nervous, we will be creating a different relationship with that person–whatever that might turn out to be. If, however, we decide to continue avoiding that person, we will preserve the intimidation we feel around them, and perhaps continue to feel frustrated or unfulfilled. Either way, we are creating ourselves.

Of course, it is often much easier to be creative in theory than in practice, for creativity often involves risks. Others will criticize anything new in our lives. They will warn us of the risks involved, and People can and will criticize anything new in our lives. They will warn us of the risks involved, and petition us to stick with what we know–to be satisfied with the way things are now and with what we currently have. However, your life is not theirs to create… it is yours.

What has happened in your life up until now is in the past where it belongs. Now is the time to look to the present with resolve; to start living every moment fully and to begin building a future of endlessly creative experiences.

Form a series of creative experiences through purposeful decisions.

Questions to consider:

Why do so many people fail to create positive elements of their lives, even when they have been given the resources to do so?

What kinds of decisions can you make today that will create positive outcomes and elements in your life?

How can you build the habit of seeing opportunities and making decisions that allow those opportunities to become a part of your life?

For further thought:

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” ~ Mary Lou Cook


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