“Silence is something like an endangered species. The experience of silence is now so rare that we must guard it and treasure it.” ~ Gunilla Norris … 

Silence, is perhaps, the unicorn of our time, for seldom do we experience the rarity of it. In a world that is constantly bombarding our senses with things we can hear, feel, taste, process in our minds, and so much more… silence, it seems, is lost—overlooked and devalued. Many times we avoid it… some of us flee it. Yet the further we look back in time, the more valuable a part of their life it seems to have been. <!–more–> 

Silence can be a very important aspect of our lives if we allow it. True silence is like a balm, a healing force that can help us to mend and to revitalize the chapped and broken parts of our being; it can allow us to discover a depth in our hearts that we generally do not reach when we are distracted or when people and things are demanding our attention. Unfortunately, many individuals who encounter silence are afraid of it–they turn on the television or crank up the music to drown it out. Quite possibly, there is something terrifying about not having something readily available to latch their minds onto, or maybe they are fearful that the silence may be something very positive for them or invoke positive changes in their lives that they are just are not ready for yet.

Silence wishes to be our friend… but we must give it a chance. We have to be the ones to seek it out and then allow it to become a part of us and show us what lies in the depths of our hearts when we are no longer overwhelmed by outside sounds. When we do this, we can find new and different ways to see and feel the world–ways that can enrich our lives and give us a deeper experience in life.

Where can I find silence? This, perhaps, is one of the most important questions we can ask; for without it, we may never manage to discover ourselves–our joys, our happiness, our purpose, our worth. And although the challenges of finding places where we can experience silence, and then putting ourselves in those places on a regular basis, may seem daunting and overwhelming, doing so quickly becomes all the more easier each time we do so, and tremendously rewarding.

Spend some quality time in silence.

Questions to consider:

Why do we value silence so little in our cultures of today?

What do some people fear in silence? Why are so many people afraid to be by themselves in completely silent places?

When was the last time you experienced silence? How did it feel?

For further thought:

“Silence stands outside the world of profit and utility. It cannot be exploited for profit; you cannot get anything out of it. It is “unproductive,” therefore it is regarded as useless. Yet there is more help and healing in silence than in all useful things.” ~ Max Picard


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