Acceptance And Change

“We cannot change anything unless we accept it.” ~ Carl Jung … 

We have all made mistakes in our lives and had instances when things did not turn out as we had hoped–we have each experienced regret and have seen ourselves fall short of our potential. And although that is who we were, for we have done what we have done, and perhaps even who we are at this moment, it does not have to define who we are going to be from here on out. We always have the option to change. To do so, however, we must accept things as they presently are. <!–more–> 

Acceptance is necessary to begin working on change, for without it, we are simply denying that something is or is not. For example, an individual who is abusive–either physically or verbally–cannot begin to address the problem without accepting their condition as a fact. Similarly, a drug addict must be able to come to grips with their addiction before they stand any chance of recovery.

Our ability to accept life plays a large part in how positive our experiences are in life. Even if we are not actively looking to change something, acceptance can bring peace to our heart and mind. It allows us to live our lives without trying to control people or situations, and permits us to live without prejudices and biases. It enables us to learn from others rather than trying to force them to conform or comply with the way that we think things should be, or how people should act.

Nothing in our lives happens by mistake. And by accepting things exactly as they are, the good and the bad, we allow ourselves to open the door to happiness and serenity in our lives.

Such an incredible tool acceptance is in our lives… and so well worth keeping in high availability.

Embody a higher degree of acceptance in your daily life.

Questions to consider:

How is it possible to deal with problems if we do not accept them first?

Why is it usually more difficult to accept our own problems than it is for us to accept the problems of others?

Does not accepting something help it to change or go away? Just how effective is denial as a strategy for living our lives?

For further thought:

“If you can accept the flow of life and give in to it, you will be accepting what is real. Only when you accept what is real can you live with it in peace and happiness. The alternative is a struggle that will never end because it is a struggle with the unreal, with a mirage of life instead of life itself.” ~ Deepak Chopra


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