Recognize The Extraordinary In “Ordinary” 

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” ~ the Buddha … 

This is a bold statement on the power of perception and perspective in our lives: The more we are able to see the miraculous all around us, the more miraculous of an experience our life becomes. Yet how often do I look at miraculous things, such as flowers, without even seeing them clearly, much less seeing the miracle of them? It is so easy to get caught up in life, to be swept up into our own little worlds, that we somehow miss all the things that surround us and fail to allow them to astonish us. <!–more–> 

Flowers truly are miracles. Like a snowflake, or the human body, they are intricate, rare, and perfect in nature. And they are especially miraculous when we consider their source: all flowers that we see originate from tiny seeds… delicate things that we would wipe off our pant legs if we saw them there; things that in no way, shape, or form, seem capable of holding the origin of bushes, plants, and flowers. The important thing, though, is not the miracle of that flower, but our ability to see and appreciate it.

Recognizing the miraculous may require some slowing down in our lives–some calming of our minds and the removal of the outside noises–however, it is not that difficult a task. More importantly, doing so offers us greater clarity of what is truly important in life, and helps us to cultivate an awareness of the miraculous that surrounds us.

As the Buddha told us so long ago, if we are able to fix our attention on something that we normally do not look at with more than a passing glance, we will come to a realization of just how amazing it truly is, and our whole lives will change. We will cease simply to notice it, and see just what it is, just what it consists of. Ours will be an amazing world full of miracles; ours will be a newfound appreciation and a sense of wonder. And instead of living our lives to amass wealth, power, or fame… we will discover the miracles of life.

Take a few minutes to recognize the extraordinary in something you normal consider “ordinary.”

Questions to consider:

Look around yourself right now–how many things can be considered truly miraculous, if you take the time to think about them?

Why do we tend not to see things as miraculous as we grow older?

Why are kids more likely to see things as miracles? When do we lose this ability that at one point in our lives we found so important?

For further thought:

“The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.” ~ Henry Miller


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