“Somewhere, in the back of your mind, try to remember that everything has God’s fingerprints on it. The fact that we can’t see the beauty in something doesn’t suggest that it’s not there. Rather, it suggests that we are not looking carefully enough or with a broad enough perspective to see it.” ~ Richard Carlson, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff … 

Life offers us much to take in–to see, to hear, to taste, to feel, to share, and to appreciate. Unfortunately, it can be easy for us to get so caught up in life that we fail to see all the beauty that is before us: the simplicity of a leaf blowing in the wind or the song of a bird; the depth and the substance found when you look deep into the eyes of a loved one or friend. Even something as simple as feeling your own heartbeat in your chest is so amazingly beautiful. And the truth is that all this beauty does not simply exist for itself, after all, beauty is not beauty unless it is appreciated. <!–more–> 

That is where perspective comes in to play. Perspective is so important in our lives. When we look narrowly–seeing only what benefits us or fulfills our desires–we remain small, barely scratching the surface of all that God has made available for us in life. Yet when we truly open our eyes and our hearts to the beauty that is before us, we find ourselves surrounded by endless divine beauty–a beauty that ignites an appreciation within us that fosters joy, happiness, meaning, and purpose in our lives.

And if you wonder about how this appreciation might affect us in positive ways–how recognizing and feeling good about beauty can help us to make our lives fuller and richer–simply imagine it as buried treasure in your backyard. If you never take the time to look for it, it will remain hidden and never help add any benefit to your life. Beauty is much the same: it offers us wonderful treasures to improve our lives with, but we have to look for it, we have to see it and truly appreciate it.

If we want to add beauty into our lives, all we have to do is look for God’s fingerprints on the world around us. In addition, as we begin to see more beauty in life, we can lock those images and experiences into our memories, so that we might carry them within our hearts and minds and share them with the world around us.

Find five beautiful things around you right now.

Questions to consider:

Why do many individuals tend to take beauty for granted?

Do you ever stop to notice and appreciate beauty? How often?

How do you feel when you stop to think of the beauty in another human soul? Your spouse or significant other? Do you ever tell them how this beauty makes you feel?

For further thought:

“All the beauty is forever there before us, forever piping to us, and we are forever failing to dance. We could not help but dance if we could see things as they really are. Then we should kiss both hands to Fate and fling our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls into life with a glorious abandonment, an extravagant, delighted loyalty, knowing that our wildest enthusiasm cannot more than brush the hem of the real beauty and joy and wonder that is always there.” ~ Margaret Prescott Montague, Twenty Minutes of Reality

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