Attitudes And Success

“The secret of success is this: there is no secret of success. Carry your chin in and the crown of your head high. We are gods in the chrysalis. Success is a result of mental attitude, and the right mental attitude will bring success in everything you undertake.” ~ Elbert Hubbard, An American Bible … 

The secret is that there is no secret. I like this because it implies that there are no shortcuts–that success is something completely on us–and this is an important message for us to hear. After all, we each will define success in our own lives and determine its measure based on our individual needs, wants, obstacles, callings, and paths. This means that it is not possible for there to be any single secret to success that applies to everyone. <!–more–> 

I want to point out that although there is no secret to success, there are certain principles that we can follow that will increase our ability to succeed. Things such as studying more will help us to get better grades in school. And striving to always show love, compassion, concern, kindness, understanding, and forgiveness to our spouse or significant other will greatly increase the happiness we experience in our relationships. In truth, the amount of success we experience in life is directly proportional to the attitudes we embrace in our lives.

Success comes on our own terms. And regardless of whether Elbert is saying that there is no set of rules that will guarantee success, or that everything we need to succeed in the world is already within us and that it is not a secret at all, what really matters is that we seek it from the heart.

Be aware of the different attitudes you carry throughout the day.

Questions to consider:

Why do others try to sell us their secrets to success? What are some of their promises?

Why do so many individuals feel that there has to be a secret to success?

How do you define success in your life? Why?

For further thought:

“People succeed because they believe, not only that they can and will succeed, but also that success is worth the price they pay for it.” ~ Tom Hopkins, The Official Guide to Success


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