Are You On The Path That Takes You To Where You Want To Be?

“What do you live with? That which is helpful, or that which is destructive? You live with either that you have built. Don’t feel sorry for yourself if you have chosen the wrong road–turn around!” ~ Edgar Cayce, Reading 462-10 …

Our lives are exactly what we build them up to be–helpful, or destructive. As Edgar point out, however, the blessed news is that we can choose to change our paths in life at any given time simply by turning around and going back to find the right path. If we find ourselves constantly going down destructive paths, we can alter them. If the majority of what we are adding to this world is negative and hurtful, we can change it to be positive and helpful. Even if we discover ourselves stuck in certain jobs, places, or situations that we do not find agreeable, through making a strong decision to turn around and find the right path, or simply to start out on a new one that aligns with what we desire, we can change them.

It can be quite easy for us to play the victim of life and feel sorry for ourselves. After all, when things go wrong, we want others to know that something is wrong, that we are deserving of their sympathy and pity. But this approach does nothing to change or help our situations in life. However, a positive reaction–one that puts us on the road to making changes when and where we feel changes are necessary–is all that is required for us to begin down the road towards growth, purpose, and fulfillment.

No matter how good our intentions may be, every now and then we make bad decisions and set off down the wrong roads. What ultimately helps to determine our character and the quality of our lives, though, is not necessarily the road we choose, but what we decide to do when we realize that we are not on the right one. That is where the decision is made of exactly what life we are building.

Make sure the road you are travelling down goes to where you want to be.

Questions to consider:

What are some of the wrong roads that you have been down, or are currently travelling, in your life? How did you, or how might you, get off them?

What is involved in getting off, and staying off, the wrong roads?

Why is it often easier to feel sorry for ourselves than it is to change course?

For further thought:

“When you find yourself, as I dare say you sometimes do, overpowered as it were by melancholy, the best way is to go out and do something kind to somebody or other.” ~
John Keble, Letters of Spiritual Counsel and Guidance


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