Move Forward With Strong And Active Faith

“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. Let us move forward with strong and active faith.” ~ Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Congressional Record, V. 144, Pt. 10….

What if you there is not enough money to pay the bills this month? What if your date finds you boring or unattractive? What if you do not fit in well with your new coworkers or classmates? With each seed of doubt we plant within our minds, we determine what crops we are to harvest in our future. That is why the doubts we have today affect–with great certainty–our chances of bringing about our dreams, ambitions, and desires of tomorrow.

By embracing our doubts of today, we decrease the likelihood of what we wish to come to pass actually occurring. Because we doubt their possibility, we essentially cause certain things to happen or not to happen. Yet by embracing a strong and active faith each day, we empower ourselves and our lives–our faith can simply make things happen, just as our doubts can prevent them from happening. This is the cause-and-effect relationship between our thoughts and what happens in our lives. In addition, our doubts tend to carry over from day to day, and often times even perpetuate more doubt. This means that some percentage of our stress, worry, and doubt is likely avoidable.

Life wants us to be happy. It wants to give to us all the good and the beautiful things we desire. And if we can have faith in tomorrow–despite what happened yesterday, our present circumstance, and even the lack of evidence that things will go our way–we will soon come to realize many of our dreams and ambitions. The difference… is believing.

Let go of any doubts of today.

Questions to consider:

What are some of the doubts you have for tomorrow? Where have those doubts come from?

What does it mean to have a “strong and active” faith?

How do you think tomorrow would turn out if you had no doubts about how it would turn out?

For further thought:

“Man never encounters a mountain greater than doubt. Doubt is a deceiver. It is as a thief in the night. Remove it… do not let it come nigh your dwelling. Never doubt. Learn to say and learn to mean it, “I am the all of everything good.” ~ Charles Stansfeld Jones


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