Free Yourself From Any Negativity You Encounter

“The one person who most blocks you from a full, happy, and successful life is you. Yes, you yourself! He is therefore wise who makes himself an asset. We can be our own worst enemy or best friend. We can be a source of trouble or a cure for trouble. So if you feel empty, as many do, start by getting free from yourself as a first step to vibrant living.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale, The Power of Positive Living …

When thinking of the things that are blocking me from living a “full, happy, and successful life,” one of the last places I would instinctively look would be at myself. After all, I am trying to find happiness and live a fulfilling life… how could I possibly be doing anything to hold that back? Yet when I really take the time to reflect upon some of the negative things I bring or allow in my life–fear, anger, discontent, blame, pride, wants, beliefs–it is easy to see that sometimes I act as my own worst enemy. Instead of focusing on my abundance and prosperity, and filling myself with positive energy, I am caught dwelling on my lack and my need.

In addition, when we allow negativity to reside in our lives, we also give it permission to touch the lives of those around us in ways that will bring them down, and that is not fair either. We are called to be supportive and helpful to others in life, not working on making their lives less vibrant and meaningful.

If we are one of the causes of our emptiness and unhappiness, the good news is we can fix it simply by choosing to be the cure for our troubles instead of the source. It is simply an attitude change, a positive and healthy mindset that understands that a full and vibrant life is available to each of us if we simply focus on the good in our lives, and focus on making our lives full, happy, and successful. And although it can be difficult to recognize this tendency to block our own happiness, once we are aware of it, all that is left is to accept it.

Embrace “vibrant living.” Choose to be the type of person that contributes positively to the world as a whole, starting with your own life and extending into the lives of those who cross your path each day. This type of living is the best way to make sure we stay out of our own way and become a positive asset in our lives.

Free yourself from any negativity you encounter.

Questions to consider:

Are you asset in your own life? Why do we often allow ourselves to hinder our own happiness and fulfillment in life?

Why do we sometimes cause ourselves trouble? Do we deserve it?

In what ways do you beautify the world around you?

For further thought:

“One of the most common words in the invalidating, self-blaming stories we believe about ourselves or our situations is the word “should.” The psychologist Albert Ellis has coined the phrase “Stop should-ing on yourself.” When you tell yourself that you should feel or be another way, you are likely to feel bad about yourself. As an alternative, try telling yourself that it is okay to feel or be the way you are, even though you have some idea that you should feel or be different.” ~ William Hudson O’Hanlon


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