Your Words, Thoughts, And Deeds Of Today

“What I am thinking and doing day by day is resistlessly shaping my future–a future in which there is no expiation except through my own better conduct. No one can save me. No one can live my life for me. It is mine for better or for worse. If I am wise, I shall begin to-day by the simplest and most natural of all processes to build my own truer and better world from within.” ~ Horatio Willis Dresser, The Power of Silence…..

We truly are the sum of the choices we make each day of our lives–and when we follow down paths that hurt ourselves or others, diminish the love and positive energy in the world, or take away from the beautiful experience this world presents, we have only ourselves to blame. More importantly, no one but us has the ability to save us from such harmful and damning paths. But to do so, we must first realize the potential we possess to make this world a better place using all the talents, abilities, and resources we have inside us. And once we truly understand it to be so, we must then chose to actively “build our own truer and better world from within.”

This is a necessary step towards enriching our lives and adding meaning to our time here on Earth; for if we wait around for others to come along and change us, we will most likely be waiting indefinitely–growth and change can come from external forces and experiences, but true change for the better always comes from within. Once we are able to accept responsibility of our own day-to-day conduct and activities, we can begin to shape our future in ways that align with our greater goals and purpose. Through the words, thoughts, and deeds of today, we can effectively empower ourselves to shape our very tomorrows.

What I am thinking and doing today is shaping my future–whether moral or immoral, life-giving or life-threatening, satisfying or filled with guilt and regret. Only I have the power to choose to make more positive contributions to my future “through my own better conduct.” This might seem like a lot of responsibility, but I find it rather comforting to know that the life that I am creating is the result of the spirit inside of me–the eternal part of who I am. For this is the best of me–the part that is concerned solely with becoming better through the imitation of devout and pious individuals, and through expressing compassion, love, service, and giving to my fellow spiritual travelers in life. My life is a gift from my Creator… and it is up to me to make sure I use it wisely.

Ensure your thoughts and actions are conducive to a better world.

Questions to consider:

Do you feel it is true that we are all shaping our own lives? What are you shaping your life to be?

In what ways do you build your “world from within?” How might you do so more effectively?

Do you ever think about improving you conduct? What are some helpful steps you might take to do so?

For further thought:

“You may study with the highest teachers, but you will find no one but yourself teaching you. You may travel the world over, yet find nothing but yourself, reflected the world over. So if you now find yourself in a cell, take heart that of all the teachers in the world, out of all the places in the world, you still have with you the only ultimate ingredient of your journey: yourself.” ~ Bo Lozoff


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