The Law Of Gratitude

“What can you do right now to begin to turn your life around? The very first thing is to start making a list of things to be grateful for. This shifts your energy and starts to shift your thinking. Whereas before this exercise you might be focusing on what you don’t have, your complaints, and your problems, you go in a different direction when you do this exercise. You start to be grateful for all the things that you feel good about.” ~ Joe Vitale …

For me, gratitude is something that is not always easy to keep focused on throughout the day–we are easily distractible beings in a very distracting world. Stress, busyness, and many other outside forces always seem to take my focus away from “all the things that I feel good about.” And since our capacity for gratitude is connected with our ability to notice the good things we have, this is a regrettable thing–when we fail to reflect on what we are thankful for, we lose sight of both the gifts and the givers of those many gifts in our lives. Frankly, it is one of those traits that I enjoy seeing others express, yet am aware that I do not express it as often as I would like. But as I grow older and I find more and more things to be thankful for, it does seem to become much easier to at least shift my focus towards them, and more often than not, keep it there much longer.

The gratitude I feel and express helps to attract more of the things I want in my life, as well as the wholesome things that I need. It is like a personal radio tower that emits positive energy and signals into the world. And the beauty of gratitude is that it is freely–and equally–available to each of us. In addition, its effectiveness holds no necessary requirements of us to express it to others–I can be grateful for my health, for friends and family who care for me and provide me with compassion, love, and genuine concern, and for any other number of things without the need to share that thankfulness.

Gratitude is a beautiful grace in our lives–for it is a powerful force of good that is available to each of us. It pulls in positive and healthy energies that can literally be the catalyst for not only necessary change and growth in our lives, but also in bringing about even more positive and healthy energies. The end result is an added depth and richness to our lives that cannot be fabricated or acquired in any other way.

Write small notes of gratitude and thanks to others who come to mind.

Questions to consider:

Is it possible to attract more things to be grateful for into our lives without first feeling gratitude for what we already have?

What does the positive energy of gratitude feel like to you?

In what ways does gratitude currently benefit your life? How might you allow it to further enrich it?

For further thought:

“If it is a new thought to you that gratitude brings your whole mind into closer harmony with the creative energies of the Universe, consider it well, and you will see that it is true. . . . The law of gratitude is the natural principle that action and reaction are always equal and in opposite directions. The grateful outreaching of your mind in thankful praise to the supreme intelligence is a liberation or expenditure of force. It cannot fail to reach that to which it addressed, and the reaction is an instantaneous movement toward you. “Draw nigh unto God, and he will draw nigh unto you.” ”  ~ Wallace D. Wattles, Wallace Wattles Omnibus


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