Dare To Dream, And Pursue It With All Of Your Heart

“All of the great accomplishments that have ever happened began with a person who had a dream. Somebody rebuffed the nay-sayers and said to himself or herself, “This can be done, and I am the one who will do it.” . . . . The world needs people like you to dream of something great and then to pursue it with all of your heart.” ~ Chris Widener, Dare to Dream Again …

The world cannot be great on its own… it needs us; it needs us for leadership and direction; it needs us for love and hope; it needs us for passion and positive energy. All of the great accomplishments of this world have happened because of individuals who chose to live their lives with a passion, a passion that was necessary to contribute something truly great and unique to the world. And if we truly wish for the world to be something great and beautiful, then we, too, must be able to experience this passion in life; we, too, must become role models for others who seek meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in life.

And pursuing our dreams will not be easy–it will require our time, our energy, our resources, our perseverance, and all of our heart. At times, we will be faced with failures, and doubts; we will have to climb mountains and go through valleys and marshes. But if we know what to expect, they will not be so bad.

The world does not know your dreams. Yet you do; for they are within you, and they are within your reach. But you have to stand up and make the effort to reach for them–to find them, embrace them, live them, and love them. The world will be a much better place because you have pursued your dreams “with all of your heart.”

Pursue your dreams with a passionate thirst for life.

Questions to consider:

Think of some of your most important dreams. How have you pursued them? How might you do so more passionately?

Who or what is holding you back from pursuing your dreams?

Why do so many individuals experience difficulty pursuing their dreams?

For further thought:

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt


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