Positive Actions

“The world is blessed most by people who do things, not by those who merely talk about them.” ~ James Oliver …

Have you ever stopped to consider just who might be adding blessings into the world around you? Better yet, how they might be doing so? I can tell you for a fact that it isn’t the talkers. The simple truth of the matter is that the blessings in our lives do not come from the individuals who have plenty of words but little action; nor do they come from the dreamers–those who are more than willing to lecture us on their ambitions and grand ideas, yet never make an effort to help those dreams materialize. The blessings in our lives come specifically from those individuals who have made the effort to fulfill the needs of others, who have dreamed big and then risked challenges and failure to make those dreams become a reality for the good of all.

The world benefits greatly from our deeds and our actions–especially when we do so with principled intentions. That is why it serves us well to reflect upon our dreams and ambitions from time to time and talk them out with others. Doing so can help us to clarify our purpose and to develop and advance our goals into reliable and structured plans. But at some point our talk no longer serves to benefit us, and in fact may be hindering our progress or harming our effectiveness. The longer we put off fulfilling our dreams and ambitions, the less likely we are to start down the path that is necessary for success.

Talk when necessary and appropriate, but always support your words with deeds. The world will grow in blessings not by what we say, but through our actions–through our doing, building, creating, assisting, advancing, directing, and so forth. We become blessings to the world by being active participants in it; and blessings in the lives of others by truly doing things to help make their lives better.

Bless the world with your positive actions.

Questions to consider:

Why is action sometimes so difficult for us to start? What are some ways in which we might make it easier for ourselves?

Why is it so easy for many individuals to simply talk about the things they want to do without ever actually doing them? How can we encourage and support positive action in their lives?

What are some actions you can take today that will bless others?

For further thought:

“Your children will see what you’re all about by what you live rather than what you say.” ~ Wayne Dyer


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