What Are Your Values?

“Strive for integrity–that means knowing your values in life and behaving in a way that is consistent with these values.” ~ unattributed …

Integrity is such an amazing thing to strive for in life. The word itself means “wholeness,” or “soundness,” in the sense of an integral part of this world. In its conventional usage, it describes someone who sticks to his or her moral code; but it is much deeper than that. If we strive for integrity, we are really striving for completeness–for a wholeness that reflects who we are both as human and divine beings.

The thing with integrity is it cannot be bought or obtained–it is something we must become. And to become whole, we must be aware of our values and then behave in ways that are consistent with them. It is important to note that our values are not necessarily absolute or written in stone; rather, much like clay, they are things we must form as we learn more about life and living, about right and wrong. I know many a person who has valued power, wealth, or fame above all else, only to find themselves looking back with regret as they neared the end of their lives.

Integrity is one of the few things that can add true beauty to this world we live in. By choosing to be a person of integrity, we allow our true authentic self to shine forth for others to see. It is the only way to experience the divinity of our souls in their purest form.

Take the time to know and understand your values in life. This is the only way we will ever be able to act in ways consistent with those values. And acting in such a way is the only way we can journey towards wholeness in life.

Ensure that you act in ways that are consistent with your current values.

Questions to consider:

What does integrity mean to you?

What are your current values? What do you value above all else?

What are some important steps you can take towards wholeness?

For further thought:

“Perhaps losing integrity with yourself is the greatest stress of all, far more hurtful to us than competition, time pressure, or lack of respect. Our vitality is rooted in our integrity. When we do not live in one piece, our life force becomes divided. Becoming separated from our authentic values may weaken us.” ~ Rachel Naomi Remen


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