Balancing Life

“Life should be enjoyable; too often we think it is about achievement. The truth is that making life enjoyable is an achievement in itself.”  ~ unattributed …

Usually when I find myself with some available free time to spare, I begin to think of the many productive ways in which I might use it. Should I get a quick workout in or spend some time finishing a project I had started? Write some articles or add a few more features or functionality into my portals? Should I read something more, or write some more inspirations? Should I start on some of tomorrow’s tasks or chores? The first thing that comes to mind usually consists of doing more and achieving something. And although that is not necessarily bad–being productive has its rewards and can be enjoyable–if I never allow myself the chance to rest and recover, I will eventually run low on my energy and enjoyment in life.

Life is all about balance. It is important that I make the time to realize achievements in my life–success helps to give us purpose and adds meaning to our lives. Additionally, there are things that require my attention and it is important that those tasks and duties receive it. Likewise, it is equally important that I make the time to do things that are enjoyable to me–playing tennis or hockey, enjoying the company of friends and family, reading and writing, spending time in reflection, prayer, and meditation, watching a good TV show or movie, and so forth.

So where do we get the idea that life is about achieving? Is it from observing the lives of others who have experienced some form of social success–fame, fortune, power? Many of these individuals lived very unhappy lives; surely, we would not wish to relegate our position to that of a spectator in life by modelling our lives and our happiness off the ways of thinking, and the standard of enjoyment, of others.

Making life enjoyable is a very important aspect of living full and happy lives. Set aside some of your free time to doing something fun and enjoyable each day. It is rewarding to look back at all the achievements we have managed throughout our lives, but it is just as important that we look back and see that we have enjoyed our time along the way. Perhaps our greatest accomplishments in life will be enjoying our time wisely and living our lives to the fullest.

Make it a priority to spend some time enjoying life.

Questions to consider:

Why do we often get so caught up feeling the need to achieve? How does this affect our lives?

Who teaches us that achievement is such an important part of life?

What are some ways that you might focus on simply enjoying yourself without feeling the need to achieve anything in particular?

For further thought:

“Life is to be enjoyed, not simply endured. Pleasure and goodness and joy support the pursuit of survival.” ~ Willard Gaylin


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