Making A Positive Difference

“We have a tremendous responsibility. I do not hesitate to say that so much depends on us. If not me, who? If not now, when? It is our job here and now to do our best to make a difference.” ~ Gordon B. Hinckley …

Most of us have our ideas of how this world would be a better place–giving to those in need, sharing of our time and our abilities, furthering an important cause, and so forth. But how many of us actually task ourselves with taking action and actively doing something? As Gordon puts it, “If not me, who?” Sure, there might be another Ghandi who will stand up for those who cannot or are afraid, or a Mother Theresa who will give completely and selflessly of their love and abilities to those in need, but if I rule myself out of the equation, I am cheating myself–and the world–of all my potential.

The same thing goes for putting off action until later. It is easy to find excuses such as, “I do not have the time, money, or resources necessary,” or “I have more important things to worry about.” But there are people who desperately need us right now at this very moment. They are the children being ridiculed and teased who are at the edge of despair and contemplating suicide; and the drug addicts who are trapped in the circle of poverty and hopelessness due to their addiction. They are the poor and the homeless who do not know where they will find their next meal, and the millions of aborted babies who have no voice, and their parents who are feeling confused, afraid, and alone.

There are hundreds, thousands, even millions of individuals who could potentially make a difference in this world. And then… there is you! Right now, you have the potential to increase the amount of love, compassion, peace, and justice in this world. You have the ability to bring hope to the hopeless, to bring faith to those whose faith has been shaken to the ground. But you are the only one who can unlock that potential.

It is not easy to make a difference in this world. It requires strength, courage, commitment, and the willingness to make some sacrifices for the good of others. Yet if we give ourselves the chance, the results will be well worth any sacrifice that we make; and any positive difference we may have on this world, will be much better than no difference at all.

Be proactive in making a positive difference in the lives of those around you.

Questions to consider:

What kind of sacrifices do you regularly make in order to help others? What are the results of such actions?

How can you make helping others more of a priority in your life? Are there any additional ways you might enjoy helping others out?

Who are some individuals that have made great contributions to this world whom you might like to emulate?

For further thought:

“A lot of people are waiting for Martin Luther King or Mohandas Gandhi to come back–but they are gone. We are it. It is up to us. It is up to you.” ~ Marian Wright Edelman


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