Open Windows

“Let there be many windows to your soul, that all the glory of the world may beautify it.” ~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox …

I simply love this analogy! The world outside is a glorious place. From the blazing sun adding vibrant energy and power to a plethora of living things, down to the refreshing oxygen that we breathe that provides life sustaining functions for creatures big and small, there are multitudes of sights, sounds, and smells that elevate and add so much to our experience in life. That is why I delight in the opportunity to open the windows of our home from time to time–to allow some of the beauty of the outside world to seep inside. And in much the same sense, our souls, too, need to see the light of day from time to time.

But if we do not build windows to our souls, they will never have the chance to be beautified by the amazing wonders of the world around us. And if we go through life restricting the amount of beauty we allow to enter into our souls, we will make our lives that much darker, that much less inviting, that much less fulfilling. Thankfully, we have the choice to draw the curtains back all day long and allow some of the beauty that surrounds us to touch our hearts and our souls in ways that can heal us, ways that can invigorate us, and ways that can strengthen and lift us up and help us through the day.

Build some windows to your soul. Ensure that your soul is open to the beauty around you so that you may let the glory of the world shine in. Our spirits need the compassion, love, peace, hope, and goodwill that this world has to offer… and this world needs all the beauty you uniquely possess to be shared as well.

Share your soul with someone and try to more intimately discover their soul as well.

Questions to consider:

Why might some of us choose to hide ourselves away from the world? What tends to happen when we do so?

How do windows benefit us?

What are some glorious things that beautify the world around you? How do you allow these things to touch your soul?

For further thought:

“All the windows of my heart I open to the day.” ~ John Greenleaf Whittier, excerpt from “My Psalm”


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