Neutralize Hurt!

“The difference between holding on to a hurt or releasing it with forgiveness is like the difference between laying your head down at night on a pillow filled with thorns or a pillow filled with rose petals.” ~ Loren Fischer …

Not very many of us would be comfortable laying our head down at night on a pillow filled with thorns, yet that is exactly what we do when we hold the hurt and the pain inside instead of releasing it with forgiveness, compassion, and love. The bitterness, anger, vengefulness, and resentment we hold on to, pokes us like thorns, causing sores that can grow and become infected if we ignore them or fail to work to heal them.

Some individuals like to play the part of the martyr, blaming all their hurt on others. Perhaps that is because it is much easier to be a victim–or to allow ourselves to feel like one–than it is to take responsibility for our own feelings and actually consider something like forgiveness. But such a cynical view of hurt and forgiveness holds us down and strips away our ability to free ourselves from our negative feelings–keeping us victims twice over.

The thing to realize is that life is not about holding on to hurts and feeling sorry for ourselves; it is about learning and growing, changing and developing ourselves into loving and compassionate human beings. That is a long road for most of us; still, we do not need additional obstacles in our path to make our journey in life more difficult. Nor do we need anything to detract us from growing and developing into the person we were created to be.

This entire analogy brings to mind the Passion of Christ–from the crown of thorns to releasing hurt with forgiveness. We are all invited to be an example of Christ each day of our lives, for forgiveness is something that benefits both the receiver and the giver. And if I want to sleep well tonight, without the pains from the thorns of resentment, I must choose to forgive. I decide if I lay my head down on a soft pillow filled with rose petals, or a thorny one each night.

Release yourself from any of the hurt you are carrying around through forgiveness.

Questions to consider:

How long do you hold on to the hurts others have caused you? Does holding on help you at all?

How well do you sleep when you are in a state of resentment? Can you ever have truly experience peace in such a state?

How would you go about filling your pillows with “rose petals?”

For further thought:

“If we can forgive everyone, regardless of what he or she may have done, we nourish the soul and allow our whole being to feel good. To hold a grudge against anyone is like carrying the devil on your shoulders. It is our willingness to forgive and forget that casts away such a burden and brings light into our hearts, freeing us from many ill feelings against our fellow human beings.” ~ Sydney Banks


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