Concentrate On Your Strengths Instead Of Your Faults

“You may think there is a lot wrong with you, but there is also a lot right with you.” ~ Joel Osteen …

We all have our faults, problems, and shortcomings–that is a truth of life. But we do not have to let them define us. Yet that is what many individuals do–they get so busy focusing on those things, that they virtually guarantee that they will eventually become a major part of their lives. When we keep our thoughts negatively focused on our lack, we strengthen our fear and doubt, often times giving it more power, creating additional poverty of self, and bringing more negativity into our lives as a result. But this is not what most of us really want.

We should not look for faults in life, nor should we stay focused on them any more than they deserve. The world is filled with beauty, strength, love, compassion, and goodness. And when we look for examples of these things, we set our focus on things that can bring more goodness into our lives–things that will keep us seeing the positive in life with joy and gratitude.

The Law of Attraction tells us that we attract to ourselves exactly what we allow our minds to dwell upon in life. By thinking about certain things, we cause ourselves to be much like magnets, attracting to ourselves things that are just like our thoughts. Focusing on our faults, then, causes us to focus on being critical, on looking at the negative side of ourselves, creating a magnetic pull to other elements that simply will perpetuate our focus on our faults.

Stay positive… there is a lot that is right with you! As your mind begins to attract more positive people, things, situations, and outcomes to yourself, your faults will begin to matter much less, and eventually they will go away–killed by neglect; forgotten like weeds in a garden. Only you can determine what your garden will look like.

Concentrate on your strengths instead of your faults.

Questions to consider:

Are we more likely to focus on our faults or our virtues? Why?

What kinds of things do you attract to yourself? Why?

What would you like to attract into your life? How might you go about doing so?

For further thought:

“We all have our own stories. The story you tell about yourself, even if you only tell it to yourself, drives your actions and has a significant impact on your focus.” ~ Mani S. Sivasubramanian


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