Still Possible

“Consult not your fears but your hopes and dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what is still possible for you to do.” ~ Pope Saint John XXIII  …

How much of our lives have been spent focusing on our fears and frustrations, guided more by our theories of our limitations rather than our potential? As a boy, I can recall watching Joe Montana lead the 49ers to victory with his game-winning touchdown passes and inspirational comebacks, and thinking to myself, “I want to be just like him.” I spent a lot of time practicing football with my brothers, passing, catching, and throwing the ball through tires and the spacers on our swing set. But I also remember many failures over the years, interceptions, dropped snaps, failure to win election to the National Assembly etc. Frustrated at my lack of success at the election or other endeavor, there were times I felt like giving up. But I knew that if I wished to realize my full potential, if I ever wanted to achieve my dreams, I would have to conquer my fears and let go of my misguided beliefs. Since realising this, I’ve been successful in all I set my mind at.

Fear is the ultimate inhibiter. If we focus on our fears, those fears will become our reality. If we worry that a relationship will never last, we will spend our time in fear, and it will consume our lives–redirecting our focus and making it much more difficult for the relationship to thrive.

We should never fear failure. Our failures are learning experiences that enable us to grow into something better. Moreover, we should not allow them to determine how we act in new situations, because each situation is unique in its own right. By realizing this, we can gradually focus our potential to make our hopes and dreams come true. And in looking at the possibilities in our lives rather than at the limitations, we find ways of accomplishing things rather than imagining what may go wrong, thus increase our chances of success.

Our focus allows things to happen. It is the energy that we create, the energy of possibility and potential–and that energy is positive energy that helps us to bring about the things we want and need– to make things happen that we wish to have happen. Believe it can happen and act as such, and it definitely can.

Reflect on all the potential available to you throughout the day.

Questions to consider:

What are some fears you keep focused on? Why might they maintain your focus?

Why is it easier to focus on our fears rather than our possibilities?

What are some limitations you have in your life? How many of those are self-created?

For further thought:

“To be ambitious for wealth, and yet always expecting to be poor, to be always doubting your ability to get what you long for, is like trying to reach east by traveling west…. No matter how hard you work for success, if your thought is saturated with the fear of failure, it will kill your efforts, neutralize your endeavors, and make success impossible.” ~ Charles Baudouin


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