Happiness Is An Attitude, A Choice!

“There is no key to happiness, the door is always open.” ~ unattributed …

Happiness is there, waiting for us to discover it. There are no conditions or stipulations on it, for it does not care about your circumstances, nor where you reside. Happiness is indifferent to your accomplishments–it judges all equally. All it requires is a realization and acceptance by us.

It is rather sad to come across someone who believes that happiness is something that they can search for outside of themselves; that situations and circumstances have to end up being just right in order for them to be happy. By believing happiness is the result of an outside force, they are slowly robbed of many happy moments, hours, even days, weeks, and years. And while most of us would define happiness somewhat differently, we all still strive for its abundance, and suffer in its famine.

By believing there is a key that will open a door to happiness–more money, a better job, falling in love, less stress–we are putting the possibility of being happy outside of ourselves, out of our reach, and delaying that very happiness we seek in our own lives. Happiness comes only from inside ourselves, in our ability to love, cherish, and accept life and others. It comes in our ability to give and to share, to appreciate and to recognize the abundance that already is ours. It comes when we stop trying to control other people and their situations. It comes when we stop waiting for the key and dare to turn to face the door ourselves. Happiness is an attitude, a choice we all can make.

The door is right here; it is open for you right now. It may be very surprising to you to find that it is not only unlocked, but also wide open. And the only condition necessary for us to pass through this door and experience our happiness is our willingness to take the opportunity to pass through it and move on to a different level of experiencing our lives.

Choose to experience happiness right now.

Questions to consider:

Why do some individuals seem to want to avoid being happy?

Do you ever feel that happiness is the result of outside conditions? Why?

Why do we often ignore open doors–positive opportunities–in our lives?

For further thought:

“Men and women are rushing hither and thither in the blind search for happiness, and cannot find it; nor ever will until they recognize that happiness is already within them and round them, filling the universe, and that they, in their selfish searching, are shutting themselves out from it.” ~ James Allen


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