Unnecessary Burden

“Wanting less is probably a better blessing than having more.” ~ Mary Ellen Edmunds …

Most of the difficulties we experience arise from our decisions to complicate our lives. For instance, if we take a loan out to purchase something expensive, we have now added more debt to our lives, and an additional bill to pay each month. Other times, it is an unexpected side effect of pursuing desires such as money, power, or fame, which bring along with them a poverty of soul, loss of friendships, or a number of other difficulties that take our focus off what truly matters in life. That is why what Mary is saying here makes perfect sense: as long as our needs in life are met, wanting less actually assists us in experiencing the unending plethora of blessings in our lives.

It is quite liberating to realize that our wants are not necessities in our lives, and then let them go so that they cannot unnecessarily complicate our lives further. Perhaps I need a new automobile. A N50million vehicle may be nice, but will require me to make higher payments and deal with extra costs for more years. Perhaps a N15million automobile would serve me better. Some people would call this settling for less, as if it is beneath us; but in reality, this is truly understanding and fulfilling our needs in a way that allows us to keep our lives free of any unhealthy and unnecessary burdens.

We will seldom ever find that simplicity has caused us any additional heartache or grief… it just does not happen. More importantly, the only way for us to find adequate time and space, or to place the proper value on those things that truly matter in our lives–such as our spirituality, our inner peace, and our goals and desires–is to reduce our needless wants and keep our lives simple.

Reduce your wants down to a manageable level.

Questions to consider:

How do our lives generally become more complex?

What are some of the things that are complicating your life right now?

How can the things we want bring us further from experiencing our lives more fully?

For further thought:

“Do you know the more I look into life, the more things it seems to me I can successfully lack–and continue to grow happier. How many kinds of food I do not need, or cooks to cook them, how much curious clothing or tailors to make it, how many books I have never read, and pictures that are not worthwhile! The farther I run, the more I feel like casting aside all such impediments–lest I fail to arrive at the far goal of my endeavor.” ~ David Grayson


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