Moments Of The Day

“You are worried about how you are going to feel at the end of your life? What about right now? Live. Right this minute. That is where the joy is at.” ~ Abigail Thomas ~

Right this minute is where joy can be found. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but in this very moment–this moment is the only moment in which you have any control over. In fact, a new moment has just arrived, and the previous moment–a moment in which you chose to read these first two sentences–has passed. Our lives, therefore, can only be lived in the here and now by the choices we make.

When we come to the realization that our lives are lived in the here and now, we empower ourselves with the ability to focus on the plethora of riches that are available to us in those very moments of our lives. We will not find joy, peace, love, purpose, friendship, compassion, or fulfillment anywhere else.

The other day when I was back in my hometown, I took a jog around the dirt roads and then back into town. On the way back in I stopped in the cemetery to say a prayer over my grandparents graves. I took a little time to walk about and came across the headstone of a child I knew when I was in school who had died at a young age. This was, of course, a reminder of the blessing of simply being alive.

Our lives are full of treasures right now. And as long as we are aware of what we are doing, and not regretting things from yesterday, or worrying about the things of tomorrow, we have a very decent chance of getting the most from this moment–and thus a good start on getting the most out of life. For life, we find, is merely a progression of moments, and how we live those moments will eventually determine how we live our lives.

Find joy in the individual moments of the day.

Questions to consider:

Where do you tend to live your life–past, future, or in the present moment?

Why do our minds and our focus tend to drift towards the past or future?

When was the last time you visited a cemetery? How often do you think of the breath you breathe–and your ability to breathe–as a gift?

For further thought:

“We are all dangling in mid-process between what already happened (which is just a memory) and what might happen (which is just an idea). Now is the only time anything happens. When we are awake in our lives, we know what is happening. When we are asleep, we do not see what is right in front of us.” ~ Sylvia Boorstein


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