Learn The Sound Of Your Heart

“There comes a time when the world gets quiet and the only thing left is your own heart. So you had better learn the sound of it. Otherwise you will never understand what it is saying.” ~ Sarah Dessen …

What might my heart be saying to me right now? It can be rather difficult for me to hear it over the noise and confusion of this world, and sometimes it even gets muddled and can lead me astray. So do I ever make time to sort it out… to listen to it in the silence and stillness of solitude? For this is the only way for me to come to know how it sounds, to understand what it wants and what it is saying to me.

In a time where our attention is snatched up left and right–TV, movies, phones, tablets, etc.–and our time is pressed with tasks and activities, it can be very difficult for us to even realize that our hearts are speaking to us, much less have anything important to say. Yet our hearts have much to say to us, and often times they have to scream just to get our attention for a few minutes. If we would take but a few minutes of quiet solitude to listen to their message, we would hear them guiding us towards fulfillment and purpose in life.

Our heart is our closest of friend. It knows us better than we know ourselves. Be open and honest with it. Make time over the noise and distractions for peaceful reflections so that you may truly hear and understand it when it speaks to you.

Make time to listen to what your inner voice is saying to you.

Questions to consider:

How often do you spend time in silence and solitude?

What are some of the potential benefits of spending time alone?

What does your heart sound like? What is it saying right now?

For further thought:

“In this noisy, restless, bewildering age, there is a great need for quietness of spirit. Even in our communion with God we are so busy presenting our problems, asking for help, seeking relief that we leave no moments of silence to listen for God’s answers. By practice we can learn to submerge our spirits beneath the turbulent surface waves of life and reach that depth of our being where all is still, where no storms can reach us. Here only can we forget the material world and its demands on us.” ~ Alice Hegan Rice


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