We Get What We Give!

“No one goes their way alone. All that we send into the lives of others comes back into our own.” ~ Edwin Markham …

At times, we can feel alone in life… we are not; this is perhaps the biggest deception of society today. Everything we do has an effect on those around us, whether positive or negative. And because we have the ability to touch the lives of others, we have a duty as fellow humans to do so in a way that positively affects those lives, for their benefit as well as for ours… for as the band New Radicals sings, “we only get what we give.”

It is important that we understand that we are not alone in life; that every other soul on this Earth is here with us–feeling the joys and sorrows that we do, experiencing some of the same things that we are, growing in similar ways as we do. For it is only in our acceptance of our impact and our purpose in the tapestry of life that we allow ourselves to help those who need us in their lives, and to bring about the necessary change and growth within our own.

We choose the things we send into the lives of others by the ripples we create in the pond. Do our actions help others, or hinder them? Do we acknowledge the importance of being a positive part of their lives? Is kindness and compassion a framework of our relationships with others? All lives are intertwined; and the measure in which we give, is the same measure in which we receive.

Be a positive part of the lives of those around you.

Questions to consider:

What good do you send into the lives of others? How has that influenced what has come back?

Why do we seldom recognize the things that come back to us as results of the ripples we have made in the pond?

Why do others focus on taking rather than giving?

For further thought:

“To receive more, we must give out what we receive. . . . To love is to release God’s unlimited storehouse of golden treasure. If we love we cannot help giving, and to give is to gain, and the law of love is fulfilled. Then, by giving, we set in operation the unfailing law of measure for measure. With no thought of receiving, it is impossible to avoid receiving, for the abundance you have given is returned to you in fulfillment of the law.” ~ Baird Spalding, Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East


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