Seeing Imperfect Person Perfectly

“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.” ~ Sam Keen …

The problem in searching for a perfect person to love, is that no one is perfect… we will never find such a person. And along those very same lines, when we fall in love with the perfections of an individual, we set ourselves up for disappointment, because eventually we will be faced with their imperfections as well. That is the thing with authentic love–it is blind… it does not see one’s imperfections, but instead sees an “imperfect person perfectly.”

When we search for love in the wrong ways–seeking perfection, expecting something in return, or placing conditions on our love–what we find is instead a burden upon our hearts and the authentic love we seek is simply an elusive butterfly that everyone else seems to be able to catch.

Real love surpasses the confines of man… it bonds the very souls of two individuals. It is a boundless love that accepts the whole of another, completely, imperfections and all–for if we place conditions on our love, then it is not really love at all, is it?

We must seek to “learn” to see the beauty of those we love, including their imperfections. They are fellow souls experiencing this thing called life, going through many of the same trials we encounter, dealing with the same emotions. And when we allow ourselves to see others in this way, we enable ourselves to feel forgiveness, understanding, empathy, and compassion, and ultimately find ourselves filled with a pure, and authentic love within.

Try to look lovingly upon the soul within the body of all those you meet.

Questions to consider:

What does it mean to “see an imperfect person perfectly?”

What is unconditional love? Why do we often withhold our love from those we deem “undeserving” of it?

How can we enhance our ability to love others without conditions?

For further thought:

“When I say I love you, I embrace you with all your imperfections. When I say I love you, I am proud of you just the way you are. When I say I love you I thank you for making my life so extraordinarily beautiful with your soulful and divine love. When I say I love you I strongly believe that we were paired in heaven to be united on earth and that my soul, my eyes and my heart were created to love you. When I say I love you my only desire is to grow old with you and love you till the end of time. When I say I love you I can feel you etched all over my heart and soul just like a tattoo. When I say I love you I mean that the soul in me honors the soul in you.” ~ Aarti Khurana


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