Beautiful Day

“Wake up every morning with a thankful attitude. Expect something good to happen in your life today.” ~ Joel Osteen …

Generally, the first thing on our mind when we wake up is either “I need to shut off this alarm,” or “is it morning already!” And even after we get out of bed and begin to wake up, we are typically still focused on other things such as our morning routine, where we have to be, or the tasks that lie before us. However, when we make gratitude a regular part of our morning routine, we robe ourselves in an attitude that will attract goodness and blessings throughout the day. Additional, we embrace a healthy awareness that is required to be receptive to those blessings.

One thing that has added a new level of complexity to my mornings over the last several years is having children. I now have additional responsibilities after waking up that include ensuring my children are out of bed, dressed, fed, and taken care of or ready to leave for school on time. Still, additional responsibility does not mean that I cannot embrace gratitude at the start of my day.

Having gratitude each morning takes a conscious decision on our part. Perhaps we can make it a daily routine to take 30 seconds after waking up to find gratitude in our heart for the day that lies before us. Maybe listening to a song that reminds us of all the beauty of this world–such as “Beautiful Day by U2,” or “What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong”–is all we need.

The attitudes we embrace each morning will determine so much of our experience for the day. Make it a goal to start each morning with positive and uplifting thoughts, and then stay focused on the blessings and the privileges you have available to you throughout the day.

Take 30 seconds to express gratitude for the blessings of the day.

Questions to consider:

What are the first things you think of when you wake up in the morning?

What are some of the things that distract your thoughts in the morning?

What are some of the blessings in your life? What are some of the privileges you enjoy each day?

For further thought:

“Most mornings when I awake, I am pleasantly surprised to find I am still alive. On occasion I have been known to wake up mean and irritable, but even then I can choose not to stay that way. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow may not come. Today is the only slot of time I really have. What a shame to blow it. I want to make today the very best possible. . . . Before I crawl out of bed, I thank the Lord for another day and ask for strength. Maybe I am to clean the house, or work at the office, or talk with a friend over lunch. The tasks are not the issue; my attitude is.” ~ Marabel Morgan


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