Something We Create

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” ~ John C. Maxwell …

I know quite a few individuals who, for some unknown reason, believe that they can be successful in life without putting forth any effort. But because success is not something that any one of us is entitled to in life, these individuals are often met with disappointment. Success is something we must earn–it is something we create by making small changes in our daily routines.

Consistent effort is an essential ingredient to success; without it, we fall short. That is because success requires that we are actively doing the little things–day in and day out–that serve to cultivate personal growth, build up the world around us, and bring us closer to it. Examples of such could be putting forth the effort to complete our daily demands, or listening to others and showing genuine concern for their needs and wants. It could also mean including others in our discussions and accepting them for who they are, or incorporating a 30-minute walk or cutting an unhealthy snack from our daily routines.

The key is changing something that we do each day that will bring us closer to success. It may not guarantee us fame, power, or wealth, but those things are not really elements of success, are they. Success is reaching our goals and becoming the person we are meant to be. And with every positive change we make, we replace failures with positive gains–each of which will help bring us that much closer to reaching success in the areas of our lives we are working on.

Adopt a new, positive daily routine.

Questions to consider:

Are there truly any real shortcuts to success?

Why do we generally place so little importance on our daily routines?

What are some small positive changes you can make in your life? How might you go applying these?

For further thought:

“Success is not built on success. It is built on failure. It is built on frustration. Sometimes it is built on catastrophe.” ~ Sumner Redstone


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