We Are A Sum Of Our Past

“What one loves in childhood stays in the heart forever.” ~ Mary Jo Putney …

The beauty of our childhood is something that stays within us forever. Sometimes we lose sight of it, or hide it away; but at some point in our lives, we generally happen across it once again–sort of like finding a box of valuables you hid away in the closet after so many years–and when that happens, all those wonderful, amazing feelings we once knew rush over us.

But because the present moment affects us in such a real and substantial way, it is easy to see ourselves in the singular instance that we exist as today, and not the sum of all that we once were. But we are more–we are years of dreams and experiences, joys and sorrows, loves and sufferings. And when we keep our joy and wonder of childhood alive within our hearts, even as adults, we stay young in body and soul.

The little boy who used to love to color and draw still is inside of me. The young man who wrote poetry and short stories still is part of who I am. The person who was afraid of relationships contributed much to my being, as did the person who was willing to take many huge risks in life and buck the norm during his college years. I even enjoy playing many of the sports of my youth, and over the years I have added to the list.

We are a sum of our past–all of our triumphs and successes, mistakes and failures–all we have been and done has gone into making us who we are. There were past you’s, and there are still more future you’s to come. Moreover, just as we are all connected to each other through our common humanity, we, too, are connected to our other selves.

Experience something you loved as a child.

Questions to consider:

What are some things you loved as a child? How do they still reside in your heart? How have they contributed to who you are?

Why do we tend see ourselves as existing simply in this moment? How accurate is such a view of ourselves?

How does who you are now affect who you will be in near future?

For further thought:

“If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.” ~ Abraham Sutzkever


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